1958 BSA C12 MOTORCYCLE. For Sale

Also competed in Comes with two engines, both salt flats veterans. Spare Race Engine with spare crankcase. Ready for next time out. Actual record breaking Race engine just Rebuilt, race ready, see pictures below. Bespoke twin carb Flowed Iron Head with special inlets. Ready to bolt straight on depending on venue requirements. Running – the sound is a joy to behold! More pictures to follow. From my private collection, now retired, may px something I can use on the road, vintage or classic car.

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That was the estimate Bonhams had in mind for this piece of classic bike history when it came up for auction at the firm’s October sale at Stafford. A very respectable 57bhp was claimed with the maximum speed touching mph. But Hobbs was unsatisfied and took the bike to Ted “Barry” Baragwanath pictured left. Baragwanath, a well-known and well-respected Brooklands sidecar racer and tuner who also ran a motor repair business in North London and was noted for wearing a winged collar with his riding gear coaxed the horsepower up to around 65 from This was achieved by increasing the compression ratio to 8.

Moby was now able to hit mph in top gear 3rd , and reach mph in second.

For sale: cc Ariel LH Colt. Suffolk classic bike dealer Andy Tiernan is offering for sale this half-forgotten Ariel; a rare-ish bike that, in its day, provided its owner with years and miles of relatively trouble-free commuting and even touring. This example, we understand, was first registered in the UK on the 4th of January

There are a whole series of “On Any Sunday” video sections on Youtube. Start with Bart, Malcolm and Steve at: Photos, history, and infomation in SpecialReport. Please mention if you are a member of the Jtan internet Vincent discussion group. I’ve talked with a number of people about this page 9″ x 12″ book and accompanying oral history CD I too plan to keep it next to my easy chair this winter, close by the crackling fire, sampling various stories and studying the excellent photos.

The book provides you with Rollie’s background and the heroic efforts leading up to the Great Event The story telling is not limited to Vincent motorcycles However, to truly understand the role of the Spitfire airplane in the Battle of Britain, you have to go back at least to the Schneider Air Races of the ‘s. So it is with a man in his bathing shorts and bath slippers balanced precariously on the rear fender of a Vincent setting the American Motorcycle Speed Record at Bonneville Phil Irving’s autobiography gives you historical perspective on the design, production and special magic of the Vincent motorcycle.

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You simply send him your gunked up tank in the post, along with the payment. He cleans the inside of the tank using a combination of mechanical, chemical and electrolysis methods and then sends it back to you. Cherished Car Insurance, 16 Windermere Way, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 0DE, also incure transporters used in connection with vintage activities, classic and vintage cars, historic commercial vehicles, motorhomes, motorcycles, tractors, kit cars.

Basically any classic or vintage stuff. Flexirider provides an internet booking site for this sort of short-term insurance Footman James are insurance specialists who offer discount schemes to several clubs, including the East Anglian Cyclemotor Club. They offer discounted rates for club members.

BSA DBD34 GS un restored original condision still have original reg number which could be sold engine very sweet wheel RRT2 gearbox very good rims A65 seat would change if from the GP carb now has a concentric fitted starts better,,bike has all the right bits dating certificate which states despatched 29 september be hard to find a more original bike.

I’ve come to realise that I’m not going to finish it any time soon, so it’s up for sale. I bought the bike in bits, as a project, so haven’t had the engine running, but it does turn over on the kickstart. I found this Monet Goyon in France earlier this year and just loved it’s originality. It was built in in Macon France by Monet Goyon.

Straight out of the ‘s. A time capsule of the chopper era complete with all period correct parts and style. Starts First kick every time! So its got to go, it has got a nice front end good forks wheel and new tyre. You could also fit any sort of engine in. The bike looks period correct with standard hand controls, foot rear brake, and three spe Velocette Venom Velocette Venom for sale in King’s Lynn, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30, UK Velocette Venom plus original frame This bike has been in my family for some time and has undergone a very long and laborious journey to get where it is now.

It has now passed on to me, Nick Thornton. As with the previous owner, it has sat in storage, been started once a month, with a bit of WD , bought as a project, but never got round to it, same old story. All of the expensive bits have been replaced, for example, chrome is excelle bsa bantam bsa bantam for sale in Winchelsea Beach, Winchelsea, East Sussex TN36, UK I bought this about 5 years ago to bring back to its former glory but as usual it got put in the garage and left there.

The photos probably do not do justice to the overall condition as the whole unit has possibly been coated in a layer of oil to preserve it in the past, the.

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Click on the advert to visit the Shannons website. Click to visit the BM Bikes website. Full mechanical restoration, excellent paint. Not sure if the paint is original, all indications are that it is.

Bsa Motorcycle, Motorcycle Garage, Motorcycle Posters, Bike Poster, British Motorcycles, Vintage Motorcycles, Vintage Bikes, Cars And Motorcycles, Retro Bike Find this Pin and more on BSA Motorcycles by Ian Snape. bsa c15 This is a c15 with dating certificate and other literature. It has some spares which are not needed (oil tank.

Intended as a sporting machine capable of competing in virtually all disciplines, it was supported by a range of options that enabled the owner to tailor it to their needs.. The new machine was initially offered as a cc, although a cc version joined it later in the year. The engine was derived from the B-Series machines but featured an alloy barrel and head. Drive was via a standard BSA gearbox with both units being housed in a plunger frame equipped with telescopic front forks.

Motor Cycling magazine carried out a two part test of the new machine in May , finding it to be capable of 78mph with good acceleration and road holding in its ‘standard’ touring trim and capable of more than 90mph when prepared to ‘Clubman’ specification. A great deal of interest was generated and the necessary machines for homologation for the Clubman’s TT were in the hands of customers by March.

This began a period of utter domination in which a Goldstar won the event for the next seven years until the cc Clubman’s class was abandoned in

1953 BSA Gold Star Trials

Phone number, E-mail address, Skype etc. This motorcycle is Tax and MOT exempt. In very good usable condition to ride or show. New Chrome handlebars and alloy Levers. New chrome battery strap.

This is not an over restored motorcycle, it is a very nice example that was rebuilt to ride. It comes with a dating certificate from the BSA Gold Star club, the V5C log book and an MoT until Sept.

Nigel Clark, pics by Chris Langton BSA Poster for the Spitfire Whether the Americans truly desired the specification of machinery that we sent them, or whether it was merely the interpretation of the factory stylists in their smoky offices of the 50s remains arguable. However, one thing is for sure, these days in particular, that era of Trans Atlantic styling is eye-catchingly different… BSA Spitfire Scrambler In this old motorcycle game of ours, fate can sometimes play a decent hand by laying in front of us a certain path, which eventually results in a machine that originally was not quite what we had planned.

Well, OK, not literally, but had it not been for a pal in need of a replacement alternator for his car, Dave would not have received the remains of a BSA engine in exchange for the required electrical component. Born and bred in the villages on the east side of Lincoln city — which, if development continues, will soon become simply suburbs — he was fortunate to live on a farm and have a father with a keen interest in motorcycles.

The farm, by its very nature, had a plentiful supply of old tractors, lorries and cars too, all of which formed a very thorough grounding in the workings of the internal combustion engine, transmission and the other mechanical systems connected to vehicular forward and reverse of course motion. Indeed, as well as another couple of tasty machines in his workshop which will perhaps grace these pages in future issues, there is a classic Mk 1 Escort Mexico, a superb but presently body-less Morris Eight and an immaculate, scarlet, convertible XJS Jaguar in his drive.

His first road machine was the now much sought after 50cc FS1-E Yamaha , followed by a cc Honda on which he passed his test. Several other everyday machines passed through his hands but were of little interest as he soon realised he preferred the older machines. His reward for rescuing his friend from the darkness was the remains of a B31 chopper frame and cc Shooting Star engine and gearbox. It had thrown a con-rod sometime in the past and though it had damaged the big-fin barrel, the cases were fortunately intact.

At this time, Dave had no plans to build a Spitfire Scrambler and merely set about rebuilding the engine. The crank was actually in good condition but Dave had it ground to first under size thou on the big ends and —20 thou on the mains, obtaining the required sized bearings from Kidderminster Motorcycles.


Have no idea why it is a 51 plate The Not so goods: It handles very well and does not affect the handling. Overall this is a great entry level Ariel that looks amazing. Really depends on how fussy you are.

Engine numbers had a prefix indicating the model type along the lines above such as 3T, 5T, 6T, T, T, 3TA, 5TA etc. This was followed by a number from the list below.

You can purchase the appearance and performance of a Gold Star for a lot less than the asking price of the genuine article. Many people have created their own replicas over the years, so if you’re buying on a budget and are not too fussed about originality then a hotted-up B31 or 33 could be ideal. Ask to see the supporting paperwork and talk to the specialist who did the work if looking at the latter. That same advice holds doubly true if you are spending big money on a ‘real’ Goldie. It’s very unusual for a pukka factory-built Gold Star to turn up in a barn covered in cobwebs these days, so most of the ones offered for sale should be known to the club and come with full documentation and a detailed history.

It is not at all unusual to come across examples with replacement engines or genuine DB motors fitted to later frames – remember that many Gold Stars have been raced and all are likely to be modified to match a previous owner’s whims, so they may be far from standard or original. Very few Goldies appear in small ads; buying from a dealer means you’ll have a chance to ride the bike before splashing your cash, but the majority pop up at auction.

If you’re going to bid then do your homework beforehand and check the bike’s provenance and recent history carefully.

A cool CX – Gilera CX125

Classic Super Bikes Fleet, Hampshire. Restored and rebuilt by an experienced marque specialist in Sweden and still requiring some running in, it’s excellent in all regards except for the left silencer which has been damaged by a battery acid leak. Still awaiting workshop appraisal here, after which a video will be added, but we are reliably assured it runs faultlessly and the restoration work looks to be of a high standard.

Matching numbers machine with all the Swedish documents in order so if it sells in the UK you’ll be the first owner and we’ll help with the process so it’ll be trouble-free. Recently fettled to perfection and it shows: These are rare models of course and this example is even rarer in that it not only looks good but is a joy to ride.

A series of articles focussing on how to identify the make, model, frame (chassis), engine, gearbox and year of a classic Matchless or AJS motorcycle.

It has not run since last summer, but it should start up with only the minimum servicing required, and will pass a new MOT. The Mosquito enjoys a good reputation for reliability and power. The engine was rebuilt by the previous owner. However, it was also built under license in France and Britian. Garelli worked for other motorcycle manufacturers from to during which time he won a competition organized by the Italian Army to design a motorcycle with which he used his cc split-single engine.

After WWI Garelli began to produce motorcycles in his own factory. The Garelli cc split-single stayed in production until and made a major impact in racing. By his motorcycle interest was waning and his factory began producing military equipment leaving motorcycle production completely. The Model 38A began in as a clip-on engine for a bicycle frame. The concept was a huge success over two million of the engines were sold worldwide.

Power was delivered to the back wheel via a friction wheel and was able to reach a top speed of 20mph. They opened a branch in France too.

1971 BSA A75 750cc Rocket 3

With an inventory of British Motorcycles as large as ours the displays in the five halls that make up the National Motorcycle Museum and constantly evolving and changing. On the special exhibits page you will find the latest news on our latest, temporary, exhibits. However our mainly alphabetical listings are designed to whet your appetite as regards just how special a place The National Motorcycle Museum really is. The team exists to showcase some of the museum’s competition inventory as it was originally intended to be used – back on track!

Hi – i have an almost complete bike but without engine, V5 or number plate. Any idea how I could locate the number plate? It is a honda cx that I am restoring (you may wonder why).

Beautifully-executed Triumph-powered drag bike was a crowd favourite. And there sure was a diversity of people and machines at Cannington on Sunday, when the Vintage Motorcycle Club of Western Australia staged its annual swap meet at the Cannington Showgrounds. In the pavilion, bikes ranged from ancient British to exotic European and classic Japanese.

Outside, there were people selling tired-but-repairable Ducati MHR fairings, rusty BSA frames, plastic Kawasaki KX fenders, operational Rickman-framed Montesa dirt bikes, and art-with-a-welder motorcycle-shaped sculptures. And that was just the machinery. The people were even more diverse. Old-as-granite British guys with white hair and prim accents rubbed shoulders with middle-aged Aussie blokes with short hair, long beards, colourful vocabularies, bulk tattoos and flannelette shirts.


A brief resume of the rise and progress of the B. Company will therefore doubtless be of interest, not only to those familiar with the letters ” B. Founded at a time of national crisis, The Birmingham Small Arms Company is an example of how history repeats itself, as it was directly owing to a shortage of munitions at the outbreak of the Crimean War I that the Company had its inception.

This BSA Goldstar dates from , which is confirmed by a BSA Goldstar dating certificate which confirms the frame is dated in February and the engine from September the same year.

My gt gt grandfather John Deeley and his family, wife Mary, sons Abel , Josiah , Joshua and 1 daughter Rachel all lived at no: When I found your site I must admit I nearly dropped my tea! I know there will not be anyone alive from that time, but if you can find anything, or recommend anywhere else to look, I would be very grateful. Many thanks, Ian 19th October Hope you are fit and well, you do a great job for us Brummies and I write to you to ask a question?

Would anyone know the name of the pub that was facing the Ice Skating Rink. It was right next door to the Nurses home, it’s not the one on the corner of Powel Street The Top Stores but the one facing Goodman Street and it had a long corridor at the side which had the Outdoor in. The reason I ask is that everyone seems to remember it except for its name and as you know it’s vital for us ladywoodites to know everything!!

I was just in Birmingham in August and walked on steward street where our Warden famly lived between He died young at age 35 of an aneurism. Our grandfather Geo Robertson Warden wasn’t even born. The oldest son graduated college and became a head master and a rugby coach. Barbara and Geo came back to New York in the ‘s and she died She and Thomas are buried in Providence, Rhode Island and her two sisters are buried beside them.

Sarah Warden sister to Thomas Warden had an infant school at her home until after

BSA Owners Club Summercamp 2010 Aylesford Kent England

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