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White took over the Domestic and King sewing machine companies and. I have looked everywhere for a list of serial numbers to find the date of manufacturing. Does anyone out there know about OLD sewing machines? I just got my grandma’s White Rotary treadle sewing machine. I have no idea when. I bought a White Family Rotary electrified treadle head in a case at the Gospel. Singer is the ONLY manufacturer for which detailed dating.

Finding Antique Sewing Machine Parts

Equipped with original volt U. Just three months after rolling out this machine, The Singer Manufacturing Company and many other American manufacturers would retool their factories for wartime needs. Many of the endearing features of this machine would be left behind when Featherweight manufacturing began again in

Singer has been producing sewing machines since and have been the first to offer such features as the first electronic machine and first zig-zag stitch machines. Determining if your Singer is an antique is an easy process.

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Machine Serial Numbers: Two Letter Prefix

Improved Family and Model 15 Improved Family Oscillating Shuttle The Singer Company started production of the Improved Family machine in , it was, at the time, a major step forward in having an oscillating shuttle and high arm. It was designed for domestic and light manufacturing use. Manufactured mainly as a treadle machine with various types of cabinet work some hand crank machines were also produced.

Repairing a Singer Sewing Machine. Category Sewing Machines. 0. Share. Pin. Save. Follow. More. Email. Flag. Some problems that you may experience with your sewing machine can be repaired or adjusted at home, others will need to be looked at by a repair person. This is a guide about repairing a Singer sewing machine. Ad.

Needles Repairing the Most Valuable Antique Sewing Machines Some antique sewing machines are more desirable and more valuable than others. Sewing machines that were made prior to usually have a higher value The following types of antique sewing machines are the ones that typically have the most value to collectors and antique dealers: Hand-held style sewing machines Clamp on style sewing machines New England style sewing machines Paw foot style sewing machines Singer Model 1 sewing machines Singer Model 2 sewing machines Singer Turtleback sewing machines Singer Letter A sewing machines Singer Featherweight and sewing machines If you are interested in collecting antique sewing machines for the purpose of repairing and trying to resell them, these are the types of sewing machines you should look for.

An old sewing machine from any maker with a serial number of or less will have more value, especially those from obscure manufacturers. Sewing machines with serial numbers above 50, would be considered later models had basically common. Even if the machine dates back to , the higher serial number makes it less valuable to serious collectors.

By far the largest and most successful manufacturer of antique sewing machines was the Singer company. While the majority of early 20th century, vintage Singer sewing machines are valuable as decorative items only, the early Singer models mentioned above still hold value as collectible antiques. The good thing about restoring a Singer sewing machine is that the company is still around and replacement parts for antique Singer sewing machines are still available through the company.

Singer Model and Featherweight Sewing Machines are considered the perfect vintage portable sewing machines by antique collectors, quilters and seamstresses. Whether you’re looking for an antique sewing machine for a decorative item for your home or you want to use one for sewing projects around the house, these beautiful machines make wonderful collectibles. Was this page useful?

Dating Singer Machines

Home Model 15 Serial No. J This Model 15 machine has the Sphinx decals and dates to Surprisingly for this date the coffin lid has the hasp type catch without a lock and the accessory compartment is in the lid, Singer 12 style. Note the low set bobbin winder. Model 66 Oscillating Hook The Model 66 was introduced in with production continuing to the ‘s.

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The Singer was 1st advertised in October Christmas Singer Advertisement. Only the new Slant-needle Singer gives you so many exciting features to make sewing easier! Did you notice anything strange about the and advertisements? None of them displayed a traditional black color Singer The advertisements were also getting housewives ready for the new two-tone, Light Beige-Oyster White color.

Only the original sales brochure showed one picture of a traditional black Singer Singer Instruction Manuals When a Singer or A was sold they were issued the most current Instruction Manual Copyright , , , , , , and

Toy Sewing Machines

Archaeologists have discovered bone needles with eyes, used to sew together skins and furs, dating back to this time. The earliest known sewing needles made of iron come from the Celtic hill fort at Manching, Germany, and date to the third century BC. The tomb of a minor official of the Han Dynasty BC-AD has been reported by Chinese archaeologists as containing a sewing set complete with thimble.

This would be the oldest known example of a thimble, which originated as a device to help push crude needles through resistant materials such as animal skins.

In other words, your Wheeler & Wilson #9, White, Singer, Domestic, Wilcox & Gibbs, etc. “antique” sewing machine, or any other sewing machine with a serial number in the 6 or 7 digit range, is considered late and relatively common.

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Antique American Sewing Machines: A Value Guide by James W. Slaten Assessing Your Machine The value of your antique Singer sewing machine is decided by several factors, including the sentimental value it has to you and your family. If it has been handed down through several generations, then the value remains priceless. If, however, you have purchased a machine or are interested in selling one, consider some of the following information before taking it to an appraiser.

SINGER SEWING MACHINE: The SINGER Legacy SE Portable Sewing Machine has built-in stitches including basic, stretch, decorative, and buttonhole stitches allow you to sew a variety of projects, such as fashions, home decor, quilts, crafts, and more!

On multiple parts order pay freight for only one item. The typical set-up of early Singer sewing machine in a treadle stand. The most common class of machine the “vibrating shuttle” long bobbin is featured above. Many other class of machines were also available in a treadle stand such as: Serial numbers, which are normally six digits with letter prefix may help in determining what model you have or part you need.

For infromation in determing the approximate age of your sewing machine click on Machine Dating. How do you determine what model you have??? Good question without a manual, since most older Singer’s did not have the model number stamped on the machine. Below you will find the available manuals. Many vintage old black Singer machines had the serial number imbedded in the top right portion of the bed of the machine.

However they did not have the model of the machine.

Singer Sewing Machines

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