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Click here for Battle Ready Medieval Swords and Armors Longswords The Longsword is a type of European sword used during the late medieval period, approximately to with early and late use reaching into the 13th and 17th centuries, respectively. Longswords have long cruciform hilts with grips over 10 to 15in length providing room for two hands. Straight double-edged blades are often over 1 m to 1. The longsword is commonly held in combat with both hands, though some may be used single-handed. Longswords are used for hewing, slicing, and stabbing. The specific offensive purpose of an individual longsword is derived from its physical shape. All parts of the sword are used for offensive purposes, including the pommel and crossguard.

Basket-hilted sword

They were difficult to make, and therefore rare and expensive. A sword might be the most expensive item that a man owned. In saga-age Iceland, that represented the value of sixteen milk-cows, a very substantial sum.

The Battle of the Alamo When General Santa Anna and his army of approximately men and twenty-one cannons arrived in San Antonio on February 23, , he was pleasantly surprised to find that only rebels defended the Alamo.

The mediaeval banqueting Hall dating from is topped by a magnificent oak hammer beam ceiling. The King was escorted to his place by the Barons of the Cinque Ports who traditionally have the right to hold the canopy over the king on the occasion of the Coronation Processions. The Deputy Earl Marshal had difficulty with his horse and swore at the animal in a voice that resounded through Westminster Hall.

The Hereditary Champion, a member of the family of Dymoke of Scrivelsby, in full armour rode a horse into the Coronation Banquet in Westminster Hall to throw down his gauntlet and challenge anyone to deny the new sovereign. The rider was actually the son of the hereditary Champion as Rev. John Dymoke thought it incompatible with his profession as a clergyman to appear as an armoured Champion. The family, perhaps forewarned by the problems of previous Champions, took the precaution of borrowing a white horse from Astley’s circus for the ceremony.

The animal was well used to enclosed spaces and crowds and the Champion’s part of the ceremony went off perfectly. It was passed to the Champion, Henry Dymoke , who also drank from it and then took it away as his rightful trophy of the day. This ceremony ceased after George IV’s coronation in Then it was the turn of the peers and bishops at the long tables to drink his Majesty’s health followed by the customary rounds of cheering.

The King stood up to thank them for their good wishes and to do them ” the honour of drinking their health and that of his good people”. The Earl of Denbigh wrote, ” It exceeded all imagination and conception. Picture to yourself Westminster Hall lined beneath with the peers in their robes and coronets , the Privy Councillors, Knights of the Bath, and a multitude of different attendants and chief officers of State in most magnificent dress, and with a double row of galleries on each side above, filled with all the beauty of London, the ladies vying with each other in the magnificence of their apparel and the splendour of their head-dresses.

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We don’t use anything on our swords or on our throats. Unless our throats are extremely dry, the saliva in the throat is usually lubricant enough to help the sword slide down. Most sword swallowers, however, prefer to lick their swords with a little saliva to libricate them so they are not quite so dry before they swallow them. Other sword swallowers use cooking oil, olive oil, or Japanese Kurobara Camellia oil to help the sword slide down.

Some of us also use oils on our blades after the performance to help keep our blades lubricated and to protect them from pitting and rusting.

Payment can be made by credit card, direct credit or by cheque Add personal etchings for an additional fee Swords and knives can be professionally sharpened for an additional fee.

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Over the years, a number of swords have been unearthed, bringing with them centuries of legends and incredible tales, linking them to famous figures and folk heroes. Here we feature ten striking swords from the ancient world. The Legendary Sword of Charlemagne The sword of Joyeuse, which today sits in the Louvre Museum, is one of the most famous swords in history.

A sword is a bladed weapon intended for slashing or thrusting that is longer than a knife or dagger, consisting of a long blade attached to a precise definition of the term varies with the historical epoch or the geographic region under consideration. The blade can be straight or curved.

Southeast Asia[ edit ] In Indonesia , the images of Indian style swords can be found in Hindu gods statues from ancient Java circa 8th to 10th century. However the native types of blade known as kris , parang , klewang and golok were more popular as weapons. These daggers are shorter than sword but longer than common dagger.

Kampilan from the Philippines. In The Philippines , traditional large swords known as the Kampilan and the Panabas were used in combat by the natives. A notable wielder of the kampilan was Lapu-Lapu , the king of Mactan and his warriors who defeated the Spaniards and killed Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan at the Battle of Mactan on 27 April But because of the banning, Filipinos were forced to use swords that were disguised as farm tools.

Bolos and baliswords were used during the revolutions against the colonialists not only because ammunition for guns was scarce, but also for concealability while walking in crowded streets and homes. Bolos were also used by young boys who joined their parents in the revolution and by young girls and their mothers in defending the town while the men were on the battlefields.

During the Philippine—American War in events such as the Balangiga Massacre , most of an American company was hacked to death or seriously injured by bolo -wielding guerillas in Balangiga, Samar.

Period Swords & Rapiers

The traditional Chinese weapon was found inside an ancient coffin in Henan Province in central China, where the Chinese civilisation is thought to have originated. A 2, year-old sword has been unearthed in China which is still sharp Lethal: It had been kept inside the coffin at the left-hand side of its owner. Archaeologists found the blade in a laboratory as they opened the coffin, which had been excavated from the No.

After carefully removing the mud-covered sword from the coffin, archaeologists cleaned the sheath before separating the blade from its cover at around 12pm on December Experts were stunned when they pulled out the blade and found it glittering The sword was found in Henan, where the Chinese civilisation is thought to have originated According to a statement from Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, all experts were surprised when the blade turned out to be in near mint condition.

The Evidences for a Recent Dating for Adam, about 14, to 15, years Before Present. A recent genetic study of human genes related to the brain concluded that possibly there appeared a “microcephalin variant (that) could have arisen anywhere from 14, to 60, years ago” and an “ASPM variant ranged from to 14, years” ago and “roughly correlating with the development of .

They were difficult to make, and therefore rare and expensive. A sword might be the most expensive item that a man owned. In saga-age Iceland, that represented the value of sixteen milk-cows, a very substantial sum. They were given names and passed from father to son for generations. The loss of a sword was a catastrophe. He told her, “Take your daughter and whatever wealth you want. Swords were generally used single handed, since the other hand was busy holding the shield. Blades ranged from 60 to 90cm in long, although cm was typical.

Late in the Viking era, blades became as long as cm 40in. The blade was typically cm wide 1.

10 Mysterious Swords From Legend And History

By Timothy Roufa Updated April 17, The idea of a professional, uniformed police force is so firmly ingrained into our concept of society that it’s easy to think of the police as one of the most ancient governmental institutions. It may be surprising, then to learn that the idea of police officers as we know them is an extremely young concept, dating back to only the 19th century. As did most governmental institutions, law enforcement agencies in society evolved slowly over time.

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Best remembered for the epic battle that took place between a small group of Texans and an overwhelming force of Mexican regulars, the Alamo is a most hallowed and sacred place. Here, for the past years, the ghosts of hero’s and martyrs alike have been indelibly etched into the very fabric of Texas’s most popular tourist attraction. The History The Alamo’s beginnings were humble. In the early ‘s, all of the land that would later make up the great state of Texas belonged to Spain.

For the next years this vast frontier was molded and shaped by famous explorers such as Alvarez De Pineda and Ponce Deleon. As important as these two men were, their accomplishments were overshadowed not by the exploits of another rival adventurer but rather a “belief” system. With the arrival of the Spaniards came a little thing called “Christianity”. During the late ‘s Franciscan Friars were enlisted to help colonize the Texas Territory in the name of the King of Spain.

The key to this monumental endeavor was the conversion of the Native Americans living in the region to Christianity. It was believed that this act of benevolence would not only save the Indians souls but it would also ease their eventual assimilation into European culture. Bottom line, the conversion of the native population improved the odds that the King of Spain would make a considerable profit from his colonization of the America’s. Almost from the start, this ill conceived and poorly executed mind washing campaign met with failure.

Hampered by repeated Indian attacks and food shortages, the Friars were forced to abandon “God’s” plans for the region. Unable to admit defeat, the Franciscan Friars returned in the ‘s and established a series of frontier missions along a line that stretched from the present day town of Guerrero all the way to the Rio Grand.

Ten Legendary Swords from the Ancient World

This is an absolute gem. A version of this magnificent sword is housed in the Royal Armories in Leeds. Highlighted by hardwood grip able to deliver lightning fast blows with two hands. Typical guard with unusual and interesting

Geoffrey is traditionally said to have been a Welshman, born somewhere in the region of Monmouth around , though one or both of his parents may have come from Brittany.

You can help by adding to it. February Further information: A common weapon among the clansmen during the Jacobite rebellions of the late 17th and early 18th centuries was the Scottish basket hilted broadsword, commonly known as claidheamh mor or “claymore” — meaning “big sword” in Scottish Gaelic not to be confused with the earlier two-handed Scottish swords also called a “claymore”. In close quarters, the claymore was the ideal weapon of choice for combating British soldiers armed with long, unwieldy, muskets with plug bayonets.

When paired with a ” targe “, or light buckler a highlander was provided with a staunch defence, allowing him to block a bayonet with the targe and then deliver a thrust with the sword into his opponent’s torso. At range, this strategy would do little against musket armed troops firing in volleys or artillery using canister shot while effective against bayonets, the targe would not fare so well against a musket ball , which necessitated tactics such as the ” Highland Charge “, which required a Jacobite war band to close with their targets as quickly as possible, normally under heavy fire, using the smoke from musket and cannon fire to cover the last leg of the assault before attacking the line.

This risky strategy led to many casualties among the Jacobite clansmen against disciplined volley fire and massed artillery firing grape and canister shot. In between rebellions, after the disastrous Jacobite defeat at the Battle of Culloden and the overall failure of the rebellions, it became illegal to carry claymores and targes and so many Highlanders hid these weapons in the heath.

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It was not the famous “Sword in the Stone” which broke in battle , but a second sword acquired by the King through the intercession of his druidic advisor, Merddyn Merlin. Worried that Arthur would fall in battle, Merlin took the King to a magical lake where a mysterious hand thrust itself up from the water, holding aloft a magnificent sword. It was the Lady of the Lake offering Arthur a magic unbreakable blade, fashioned by an Avalonian elf smith, along with a scabbard which would protect him as long as he wore it.

Towards the end of his reign, during the troubled times of Medrod’s rebellion, Excalibur was stolen by Arthur’s wicked half-sister, Morgan le Fay.

Swords of the Renaissance. The soldier of the mid-i s witnessed dramatic advances in military technology. Swords, bows and pikes were now being challenged by early artillery, hand-held guns and complex siege weapons.

Cloud’s portrait in Before Crisis. I began to think I was different His father died when he was young and he was raised by his mother. Cloud had no close friends, and perhaps as a coping mechanism, convinced himself he was superior to the other village children and so didn’t care for their company. He had a crush on Tifa, but hated her friends, calling them immature. Although the two consider each other and are considered by others to be childhood friends, by Tifa’s own account they were not close growing up, despite him having been her neighbor.

When Cloud was nine, Tifa’s mother died, and Tifa insisted she could meet her by crossing Mt. Cloud followed her and when she took a misstep, he tried to catch her but they both fell. He escaped unharmed but Tifa’s life was in grave danger. The townsfolk believed the expedition up the mountain to have been Cloud’s idea, and Tifa’s father forbade Cloud from approaching her. Cloud blamed himself for failing to save her and developed an anger problem, getting into fights for little to no reason.

At the age of fourteen Cloud learned of Sephiroth and his exploits. He called Tifa out to the water tower to tell her about his departure, hoping to impress her, and upon her request promised to save her if she ever found herself in trouble. The following spring, he left for Midgar , the metropolis that is Shinra’s seat of power.

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Share2 Shares 5K Swords of renown are the seeds of legend. Fueled by tales of bloodshed and conquest, there have been swords throughout history that have grown to mythical proportions, blending fact and fiction until the two are all but inseparable. There will never be another weapon that has left a greater impact on history as the sword——some more than others. In a chapel in Monte Siepi, Italy lies an ancient sword embedded in stone that could be the key to deciphering the origin of the legend.

Arguing that the task would be as difficult as cleaving stone, Galgano attempted to prove his point by breaking his sword on a nearby rock. Legend says his blade cut into the stone as if it were butter.

The basket-hilted sword is a sword type of the early modern era characterised by a basket-shaped guard that protects the hand. The basket hilt is a development of the quillons added to swords’ crossguards since the Late Middle Ages. In modern times, this variety of sword is also sometimes referred to as the broadsword.. The basket-hilted sword was generally in use as a military sword, in.

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