Ranking the nation’s top college basketball coaches

This week the local paper did an expose about a local high school wresting coach who was arrested and charged with sexual assault on a minor by a person in a position of trust. I tend to believe that there were probably a bunch of signs that his character was in question — but then nobody knew — or — nobody said anything? Only those involved really know — but the fact remains there are a good many sports lovers out there who are coaching who have no business being in a position to influence kids…in any capacity, much less a captive audience whose got so much of their self-esteem, effort and guts on the line. Can you imagine for one moment a Tom Landry , or John Wooden engaging in the kinds of examples Alan Goldberg writes about below? These men are the role models we need to look up to and expect coaches to aspire to. So if your coaching — take a gander at Dr. The career you save just might be your own.

Behaviors that Characterize “Bad Coaching”

The Hall of Fame coach took a subtle jab at LeBron James for the work he believes he did in getting former Syracuse signee Darius Bazley hooked up with a million dollar deal with New Balance, and quickly moved on to an even more insidious topic on paying — or rather, not paying — college athletes. The cost of attendance is good. They get more meals now so they can keep their meal money. I think those are all good things and I think more of those things should have been done.

But I don’t think you can compensate players straight out. Do you pay football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball?

In college basketball, the presumption of innocence is reserved for coaches like Bill Self, not the players. This is the NCAA: protect coaches, punish players Back.

Lance Ringler February 27, 4: Get the latest updates on this page. If you have information to share on this page, please e-mail Lance Ringler at lringler golfweek. Weeks has been recognized for his teaching as he was voted one of the top three teachers in the state numerous times by Golf Digest. Southern Mississippi enters the spring season ranked No. Replacing Farrell is John Powers.

Stories of Corrupt Coaches, Advisors Underscore How the NCAA Model Exploits Players

Sonny Vaccaro said he thinks schemes involving apparel companies, coaches, players and agents have existed “forever,” but never on the scale of the federal corruption charges announced Tuesday. Phone lines have been cut off and employees were told not to come to work. In other cases, high-ranking Adidas employees worked with others to pay prospective student-athletes’ families to ensure the players signed with Adidas-sponsored schools and then signed with Adidas once they turned pro, the complaint alleges.

FBI assistant director Bill Sweeney had a warning Tuesday for other coaches who might be involved in similar schemes, saying: Our investigation is ongoing. We are conducting additional interviews as we speak.

Sep 26,  · Lamont Evans, associate head coach at Oklahoma State University, one of 10 defendants charged on Tuesday, Sept. 26, in a federal corruption case revolving around NCAA basketball recruiting.

As a basic principle, enrolled student-athletes are not permitted to receive any extra benefits from faculty or other university employees. Examples of arrangements that may be extra benefits include, but are not limited to: As a general rule, a professor or other instructor should not make any arrangements with a student-athlete that he or she would not make for other students in that particular class. In the case of prospective student-athletes, meaning those who are being recruited for Niagara athletics faculty members are not permitted to recruit off-campus on behalf of the University.

Faculty members are permitted to have on-campus contact with recruits, and may write or telephone a prospect about academic progress or issues. Faculty members should, however, notify the Department of Athletics about any contact they have with prospective student-athletes.

The GOAT Index: NFL coaches, execs rank best QBs since 1978

At the highest levels, basketball scouts begin watching players in middle school. All other coaches begin watching players by the time they are in the 9th grade. The key to getting a basketball scout to see you in person is to be sending out a great basketball highlights video and playing against the best competition. Here are a few more things you can do.

As of , three individuals have won the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament as student-athletes who then went on to coach winning teams. These men are Bob Knight, Joe B. Hall and Dean Smith.. Knight played on the NCAA champion Ohio State team before graduating and becoming a coach .

A letter to college basketball coaches A letter to college basketball coaches A letter to college basketball coaches Jim Haney is the executive director of the National Association of Basketball Coaches. He sent this letter to all Division I college basketball coaches. Dear Coach, As a sports fan, I watch a lot of games on television. In recent weeks my thoughts about the game have turned from pure enjoyment of watching the competition to concern for the welfare of the game.

Specifically, I find myself asking why our coaches are behaving as they are and what impact will that conduct have on other aspiring coaches, players, and fans who hold them up as leaders and coaches to emulate. But college basketball coaches are not alone. College and professional football coaches have also run across the field to challenge officiating.

Surely, an NBA head coach has one and only one defining goal, to win. He is not required to promote education, attend alumni functions, or be a mentor to his players. When a player commits a bad play, the NBA coach shows no immediate negative reaction. It appears to me he waits for the appropriate time to verbally address the player within the confines of the bench area out of earshot of television and fans.

When the officiating does not meet his pleasure, he voices his opinion emphatically but with his voice, not with flailing arms, stomping feet, or other physical gestures on the sideline.

Details on Dwight Howard Dating a College Basketball Player Te’a Cooper (Pics-Vids)

Program establishment — [ edit ] L. Cooke was the Gophers coach from — The precise founding of the Gophers men’s basketball program at the University of Minnesota is somewhat nebulous. Unlike many other universities with later foundations, the team did not form as a conscious act of the campus administration. Paul , later incorporated into the larger University of Minnesota Twin Cities. The establishment of the Armory on-campus gave the team a new place to play.

A new NCAA rule gives on-field coaches eight hours per week to interact with players, with up to two of those hours available for football-related meetings or film review — provided those.

Getty More The college basketball season begins Tuesday with a doubleheader that includes the No. Gassnola to send the forward to Lawrence. There is no indication, and it would fly against the way most of these deals work, that De Sousa had any idea what Falmagne was doing. There are plenty of indications that Bill Self did have an idea what Falmagne was doing.

In the same trial, Brian Bowen Sr. In this case, De Sousa hails from Angola and came to the America as a high schooler in search of opportunity. Through the process, Falmagne became his legal guardian. There also has been zero evidence unearthed to suggest Falmagne did tell De Sousa. Forget the presumption of innocence. Self was in constant contact with the Adidas AAU team director who was handling the money drop.

4 Risks in Paying NCAA Football and Basketball Players

High school Freshman and Sophomore year. Coaches are allowed to: Coaches are not allowed to: To call you on the phone. A coach cannot send you any written recruiting information. You can make unofficial visits to a college campus.

In the NCAA’s Growth, Opportunities, Aspirations and Learning of Students in College (GOALS) study, only 42% of Division I men’s basketball players surveyed agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I would have attended this college even if a different coach was here.”.

June 13, College athletes will no longer need permission from their coach or school to transfer and receive financial aid from another school. Under the new rule, athletes would be permitted to be contacted when they notify their current coaches, who have two days to enter the names into a database created and managed by the NCAA that will alert schools who can be recruited. The change will come with stricter tampering rules to help appease coaches who worry illegal recruiting could rise.

Currently, an athlete must ask a coach for permission to contact other schools when choosing to transfer. A school interested in recruiting a transferring player also must ask the current school for permission to recruit. Without permission from the original school, the athlete cannot get financial aid from another school, essentially blocking a transfer. Nicholas Clark, a former football player at Coastal Carolina and a member of a student representative on the council, said the change promotes fairness and the well-being of college athletes.

Standoffs between athletes and coaches over transfers have often led to embarrassing results for schools standing in the way of players who want to leave. Last spring at Kansas State, reserve receiver Corey Sutton said he was blocked him from transferring to 35 schools by coach Bill Snyder before the school finally relented amid public pressure. Even with the new rule, conferences could still restrict athletes from transferring within the league.

The group quickly found support for switching from a permission model to notification while also codifying rules against impermissible recruiting of athletes under scholarship.

NCAA coaches charged in bribe scheme

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